Be smart and avoid mistakes when gaining muscle

Be smart and avoid mistakes when gaining muscle

In a gym I see a lot of people who spent the same amount of time at the same exercise for which I practice my entire training. In this article we will talk about the length of the training and the effective number of series and repetitions to show you how to gain muscle effectively. You can find more here.

Length of training

Those of you who have ever encountered bodybuilding have also learned about bodybuilding training plans . As a rule, training is divided into 2-3 days and every day only certain muscles are practiced and a large number of classes are practiced . Pauses are usually longer than one minute.

This type of strengthening is not very effective for most people, not to mention a lot of time. Also, such exercise can be dangerous for you. Remedies or injuries can easily occur.

The main reason why I do not like this type of strength is the training time of about one hour. After a certain time, the testosterone production will peak in the body and will start to fall sharply. Once this happens, a stress hormone called cortisol starts to release. This hormone causes the loss of muscle mass and the formation of fat stores . Therefore, the training schedules you find here do not last for more than 30 minutes.

Effective number of batches and repetitions

Another thing that is related to the length of the reinforcement is the number of series on a particular muscle part . It is no wonder that bodybuilding training is so long when the trainer does up to 12 series on the muscle part. If you want to gain muscle mass , you do not have to practice so many series.


From my own experience, I can say that I have achieved almost no results and my character looked the same as at the beginning.

So what number of series is ideal for muscle growth ? Unfortunately, this is not unambiguous. It depends on the size of the muscle. You can practice five series of big muscles such as the thigh, back, buttocks and chest, but if you choose enough weight, the three sets are the ideal number. For the other muscles, do a maximum of three series.

Regarding the number of repetitions in the series, it depends on what you are going to achieve. It is important to know that the muscles do not count repetitions, but the time they are practicing .Each iteration should take 3-4 seconds and repeat counts are derived from it to achieve another result.

To increase strength, perform 1-5 repetitions.

For muscle building 6-12 repetitions.

For muscle stamina and strengthening 15-20 repetitions.

Relying on the effectiveness of supplements

This is one of the things I’ve paid for. I thought the protein drink would help me gain muscle, and I did not pay enough attention to a good diet . Now I know that no dietary supplement can represent a balanced diet . This is a must when building muscle . I would like to emphasize that these products are really only Dietary supplements . Rather, treat yourself to quality food containing enough protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. In addition, natural food is more digestible than artificial protein drinks for the body.

How many times a week do you practice ?

When we ask this question, it is necessary to realize when new muscle mass is formed. Muscles do not form when we strengthen but when we sleep . If we strengthen every day, our body will not recover the damaged muscles from the previous training, let alone create new muscle fibers . If we practice every three days, it’s too little to build muscles . That’s why it’s ideal to practice three times a week every day and relax over the weekend.

Many people who visit the gym believe that the more they strengthen, the better. This is not the case here. These people practice every day and still look the same. They train too often and their body is not enough to regenerate the reduced muscle fibers, which can lead to over- training . By remodeling, one loses strength and weight by the loss of muscle mass . Remember that your muscles do not grow when you are strengthening , but when you are asleep .

I wish a lot of success and persevere in your efforts.

How to gain muscle and get a perfect body?

How to gain muscle and get a perfect body?

Do you suffer from a loss of muscle or you still do not have a firm and muscular body? We have some tips on how to get muscle mass and get a body of dreams.

If you want your body to be formed and contain more muscle than fat, you need to emphasize the right combination of exercise, diet, and diet.

  1. Diet for muscle growth

Support muscle growth with a suitable diet, increase calorie intake, but avoid sweet and fat foods. For bigger muscles it is necessary to eat a lot of protein, their best source is meat. Higher levels of protein also include eggs, legumes and spinach. It is also important to eat regularly, eat about 5 – 8 times a day. Do not forget to adhere to the drinking regime, especially during the training.

  1. Dietary Supplements

Do not underestimate the supply of minerals and vitamins that are important for muscle growth. The positive effects on muscle buildingare the seeds of Greek hay fever , which is contained in selected dietary supplements. From this perspective, TestoMax is an exceptional product. In addition to its high protein content, the seed of the Greek hay feeder is also very beneficial for its positive effect on libido. It also contains magnesium, which contributes to the smooth muscle function.

  1. Proper and regular training

If you are a beginner, we recommend initially training with a trainer, it is important to do the exercises correctly, otherwise you may get hurt. Workouts must be balanced, weigh all the important parts of the body.

  1. Sufficient rest

Interestingly, the muscles do not grow in the gym, but after a rest exercise. Also, enough sleep is important for regenerating the body, lack of sleep can make your exercise effort frustrated.

Nezapomínejte na dodržování pitného režimu, a to zejména během tréninků.

One of the most important factors for body’s ability to build muscle is testosterone . If you have too low testosterone levels , suitable formulations like the just-mentioned TestoMax supplement will help you fight muscle loss and other negative effects brought by decreasing levels of testosterone.

7 Tips for Effective Muscle Growth with Weight of Your Body

7 Tips for Effective Muscle Growth with Weight of Your Body

Can you increase the volume of your muscles when you use only the weight of your own body?

When you want to gain muscle, it is necessary to bite your muscles with a higher load. Give them the right impulse. There are actually three main mechanisms that cause muscle growth.

  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle damage
  • Metabolic stress

You will not get a slight burden. Therefore, a heavy load is recommended, with the number of repetitions being between 8 and 12 (that is, the number of repetitions you perform in the series before you run into failure).

It is clear that you are gaining momentum and exercises are easier for you – you can handle them much more. What was a great burden for your muscles was just a little warm up for you at one time. When you practice with a dumbbell, you will simply go to the harder one. The muscle gets another boost to boost and enlarge the volume.

What if you use only the weight of your own body? Sure, you could have a backpack with a load on your back, but it will not be a weight-training exercise anymore.

It is true that when you use the “mere” load of your own body you are limited and you do not get the dimensions of a bodybuilder. But I assume that most runners do not want a mega volume and want a “just” drawn athletic figure and maybe bigger biceps :-). And for that, the weight of the body itself is sufficient – there are many ways to increase the intensity of exercise with the weight of the body.

7 Ways to Increase Intensity When Exercising Body Weight


1. Change the angle

There’s probably no need to disassemble this. Supporters of TRX exercises certainly know exactly what I’m talking about. By setting the angle to the ground, you determine how many percent of your weight you use during the load.

If you do not use any hanging system, just use a chair, bench or some gymball.

An example is a classic click:

click-1click-3click-22. Unbalance the balance unevenly

There is no difficulty in transferring weight to one or the other limb in handles or chins. The hand does not reach 50% but shifts 70%.


shyb-nerovnomerneGradually, you can work out to do the exercise with just one hand. Or you can handle so-called squats – squats on one leg.

pistol-squat-wodcrusher_large3. Slow down

Can you make ten clicks? Super !! And do you manage the ten knobs, although you will count slowly up to five in each phase up and down? That’s harder. The so-called prolonged time under tension increases protein synthesis and significantly accelerates muscle growth.

The speed of movement and the exercise rhythm affect how muscles are involved and what effect the exercise will have.

images-9When talking about contraction of the muscle, it is good to remember that there is a concentrated contraction (muscle contraction), eccentric contraction (muscle stretching) and isometric contraction when the length of the muscle does not change, but tension changes (eg biceps, not moving).

A number of scientific studies have shown that when concentric and eccentric part of the exercise takes 5 to 6 seconds, protein synthesis increases by a third more than when each phase lasts only one second.

Most people tend to “snap” the phase when gravity helps us – for example when shaking down (eccentric contraction). However, the time when the muscle works under tension and the muscle growth is not as effective.

shybyYou can extend your muscle load even with isometric contraction – let the muscle get tightened after exercise.

4. Reduce pauses

The length of the interval between exercises is another thing that significantly influences the physiological response of our body.

When you change the rest period between the series, you will significantly affect the formation of metabolic waste and also the formation of hormones. If you are going to gain strength training, it will be important for your muscles to have enough time to recover.Pauses will be long – two to three minutes, depending on the size of the muscle. But when it comes to muscle volume (hypertrophy), pauses must be short (only a minute, with smaller muscles for only 45 seconds).

bug-strengthening5. Increase the number of series

Another way to boost your workout is to add a number of series. While the beginner is only 2 or 3 series, the more advanced they can handle 5 or more.

shyb6. Test the drop set

Drop set is mainly used for better blood circulation in the muscles. As a result, the muscle can grow better.

How to do it: Practice the classic series of some heavier practice and after completing, you will immediately go to a series of lighter training on the same muscle. By lifting dumbbells it would mean you just take 20 instead of 14 pounds and only 7 kg in the next series.When exercising with a body weight, you can also use a change in the angle when exercising or distributing the load.

As an example, we can take the exercise on the shoulders

First practice a series of handles in the stand, then move to the shoulders when you have your feet on the bench and then you can put the lightest variation of the exercise – your legs and hands on the ground.

click-in-standshoulders-2shoulders-1Perhaps there is no need to remind you that demanding variants of exercises will only be advanced, beginners will choose exercises according to what they can do.

Here are two examples of how such drop sets can look like.

The upper half of the body

The lower half of the body

7. Focus on muscle work

When moving, pay your attention to the exercised muscle. Imagine how it grows and grows. Visualization is a powerful helper and nothing stands for you

When you give your muscles an impulse to grow, remember that muscles grow only when you give them enough nutrients and time to regenerate . Do not rely on any miraculous accessories. BCAA, creatine, NO boosters can help with muscle building, but only if you have a quality meal all day long and you use the anabolic window to the maximum after training.

If you do not really incorporate fast sugars and proteins (or even do not know what it is :-)), or if you do not provide enough vitamin, minerals and sleep to the body, unfortunately, you start catabolic processes and the hours spent training will not bring you any effect.