Be smart and avoid mistakes when gaining muscle

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In a gym I see a lot of people who spent the same amount of time at the same exercise for which I practice my entire training. In this article we will talk about the length of the training and the effective number of series and repetitions to show you how to gain muscle effectively. You can find more here.

Length of training

Those of you who have ever encountered bodybuilding have also learned about bodybuilding training plans . As a rule, training is divided into 2-3 days and every day only certain muscles are practiced and a large number of classes are practiced . Pauses are usually longer than one minute.

This type of strengthening is not very effective for most people, not to mention a lot of time. Also, such exercise can be dangerous for you. Remedies or injuries can easily occur.

The main reason why I do not like this type of strength is the training time of about one hour. After a certain time, the testosterone production will peak in the body and will start to fall sharply. Once this happens, a stress hormone called cortisol starts to release. This hormone causes the loss of muscle mass and the formation of fat stores . Therefore, the training schedules you find here do not last for more than 30 minutes.

Effective number of batches and repetitions

Another thing that is related to the length of the reinforcement is the number of series on a particular muscle part . It is no wonder that bodybuilding training is so long when the trainer does up to 12 series on the muscle part. If you want to gain muscle mass , you do not have to practice so many series.


From my own experience, I can say that I have achieved almost no results and my character looked the same as at the beginning.

So what number of series is ideal for muscle growth ? Unfortunately, this is not unambiguous. It depends on the size of the muscle. You can practice five series of big muscles such as the thigh, back, buttocks and chest, but if you choose enough weight, the three sets are the ideal number. For the other muscles, do a maximum of three series.

Regarding the number of repetitions in the series, it depends on what you are going to achieve. It is important to know that the muscles do not count repetitions, but the time they are practicing .Each iteration should take 3-4 seconds and repeat counts are derived from it to achieve another result.

To increase strength, perform 1-5 repetitions.

For muscle building 6-12 repetitions.

For muscle stamina and strengthening 15-20 repetitions.

Relying on the effectiveness of supplements

This is one of the things I’ve paid for. I thought the protein drink would help me gain muscle, and I did not pay enough attention to a good diet . Now I know that no dietary supplement can represent a balanced diet . This is a must when building muscle . I would like to emphasize that these products are really only Dietary supplements . Rather, treat yourself to quality food containing enough protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. In addition, natural food is more digestible than artificial protein drinks for the body.

How many times a week do you practice ?

When we ask this question, it is necessary to realize when new muscle mass is formed. Muscles do not form when we strengthen but when we sleep . If we strengthen every day, our body will not recover the damaged muscles from the previous training, let alone create new muscle fibers . If we practice every three days, it’s too little to build muscles . That’s why it’s ideal to practice three times a week every day and relax over the weekend.

Many people who visit the gym believe that the more they strengthen, the better. This is not the case here. These people practice every day and still look the same. They train too often and their body is not enough to regenerate the reduced muscle fibers, which can lead to over- training . By remodeling, one loses strength and weight by the loss of muscle mass . Remember that your muscles do not grow when you are strengthening , but when you are asleep .

I wish a lot of success and persevere in your efforts.